Földeák-Hagymatikum Cup 2014


Downloadable invitation: .doc .pdf

Date of competition:
22. March 2014. (Saturday)

Place of competition:
Földeák, Kornél forest,
the administrative area of Földeák village

The Orienteering Section
of Maccabi Fencer and Athletic Club

Event’s main patron:
Dr. Péter Buzás
Mayor of Makó

Event’s patron:
Imre Vass
Mayor of Földeák

Main sponsors:
Self-government of Makó Town
Self-government of Földeák Village
Community centre of Földeák

President: Mátyás Paskuj
Secretary:     Erzsébet Kanász-Nagy
Course setter: Mátyás Paskuj
Check referee: Endre Vörös
Start: Sándor Nyári
Finish: Attila Apró

Form of the competition:
Sprint, individual 2-round regional ranking competition

M/W 10D, 12C, 14B, 16B, 18B, 21B, 21BR, 35B, 45B, 55B, 65B, Open

Children’s race: not ranking.

Categories may be merged, in case of not enough runner.

Each category’s first 3 place gets medal, diploma and present.
Each runner of children’s race gets a small present.
SI punching system will be used!
Please write the SI card number with the entry.
Entry fee:    1500 HUF/runner/2 race, only 1 race 1000 HUF/race
    M/W 10–14 1000 HUF/runner/ 2 race, only 1 race 700 HUF/race
    SI-rent fee above M/W 14 200 HUF/runner/race
    Children’s race is free!

MTFSZ ENTRY (preferred way) or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All e-mails will be answered within two days. In case of no reply please resend your e-mail entry. Please specify the following data with each entry: club, name, category, date of birth, SI number.
Telephone: +36-20-9521-022
Entry deadline:
14. March 2014. (Friday)
18. March 2014. (Tuesday) electronically

Földeák Kornél forest, inner area of Földeák Village
Correction: January 2014. 1 : 10 000 and 1 : 5000 scale, 2 m contour distance

Flatland, changeable coverage, urban area, park, inner yard.
Symbol, spare symbol, cello tape and scissors are in the start.
until 9:30 – Kornél forest

Planned „0” time:
1. race: 10:00 – Kornél forest
2. race: 14:00 – Földeák, Szent László square

Planned prize giving ceremony:
16:00 – Földeák, Community Centre

Between the two race PANCAKE party will be held
in the Community Centre, all participants are welcome!

Approaching the competition centre:
Makóval Road 4415 whick links Hódmezővásárhely to Makó, between
16–17 km turn off. Guide posts will help to reach the competition centre.

Event info will be sent for the entried runners!

Every competitor take parts on their own risk!

Good Luck!


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